Thursday, June 5, 2014

Turtle Power for James Edwards - A Little Boy Inspiring Big Things #TurtlePowerforJames

Last week a beautiful, bright 22 month old baby boy, James, fell into his family's swimming pool. He is currently in the hospital fighting for his life. 

This little boy is the son of a family in our community. I went to high school with their family, and they are in our local playgroup, too. James and my son Little J were born one day apart in July 2012. I am beyond words as to what they are going through. 

After losing our stillborn son, Max, in 2011, it was the worst pain a mother could ever feel. However, to watch your baby fight for their life after a tragic accident has to be far, far worse. My heart is hurting for his mother and father. For his whole entire family. I don't have the words to express the amount of love that I wish to send to them during this extremely difficult time. 

James has a love of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and his family created a Facebook page for people to keep up to date on him called Turtle Power for James Edwards.

Last Sunday, I made a little graphic in support of James, and posted it to my blog Facebook wall

It has now been shared countless times around Facebook. Every single time I see it posted, or shared, or as someone else's Facebook profile picture, I get so overwhelmed at the amount of love that people have for James. People that he has never met and probably never will meet, that care about him and want him to be ok, are spreading the word about #TurtlePowerforJames 

The amazing family of James has been updating regularly on their Facebook page about his daily progress. His page has gained over 15,000 followers in just a few days, and people keep wanting to know what th his family humbly asked yesterday for everyone to "pay it forward" in the name of James. The response was beyond amazing. All day long good deeds were happening everywhere. We joined in, too, and bought lunch for someone at Moe's. 

People are still doing the good deeds. Non-stop, post after post, the good deeds keep coming. Lottery tickets, money for formula, coffee, ice cream, anything and everything is being "paid forward". Just because. Just because of the incredible James Edwards. 

So, I ask you, dear reader of my little blog, to please also pay it forward in the name of James. 

God bless you, James. We are praying for a full recovery for you. May the universe fill you up to the brim with all of the love and prayers of the people you have supporting you. Fill you up so full that you have the strength in every cell of your body to recover from this and be tougher than ever. Turtle Power, little ninja!   

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  1. This bot and his family have been in my thoughts since you told me Tuesday night. I look forward to reading about his positive progress in the Facebook group <3


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